The Best Financial Advisor
Does More than Give Advice!

Great advice only works when you act on it

but your human brain isn’t wired to “just do what you’re told!”

(the implied relationship with a traditional financial advisor)

My Approach Changes All That!

Working with a Financial Advisor Should Be …

Rewarding -

It should be a positive experience – one you’ll want to repeat. It shouldn’t be based on pain, sacrifice or self-discipline. That might have worked in the old days but it’s no way to live a rich and fulfilling life.

This is probably the biggest mistake most financial advisors (and their clients) make and the most unique quality of my Wealth Health approach.

Sensible -

The changes you’ll make need to make sense to you, not just your financial advisor. The best financial advisor makes the complex world of personal finance simple and easy to understand … so you can feel in control of your money.

You have a life to live. You don’t need a Masters in Personal Finance (although your financial advisor should definitely have one – and very few do).

Holistic -

You make dozens of financial decisions every day. They’re ALL important and they all directly affect the Quality of Life you get to enjoy.

The best financial advisor works with you on many levels, not just your investment portfolio.

It’s Tempting (and Natural) …

… to focus on just a few BIG decisions as the difference between wealth and poverty …

… but really, it’s the thousands of daily choices you’ve made over the years that brought you to where you are right now.

Waiting until you have a major life event (get a new job | buy a new house | someone in your family gets sick or dies) to start working with a financial professional is like consulting a doctor about that one giant decadent dessert while living on a daily diet of junk food.

Change your Daily Decisions

and you will change the Quality of Life you’re able to enjoy!

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