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One thing business owners all have in common is determination. But, stubborn determination tends to be long term unsustainable.

Determined but not stubborn. What’s the difference? Believe strongly in where you’re going but always be ready to adjust to the present. That means being focused, data driven and strategic about how you respond to life (and business). | The Most Important Ingredient for Happiness | Should You Pay for Tax Prep? | Constantly Rebuild.

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My mother turns 92 next month. I recently asked her if she had regrets. Her answer was, “I try hard to live a life that I don’t regret.” Now you know where my “be intentional” belief came from. 90-somethings DO have regrets, however, and we can all learn from them. Read our first article for that.

Also the Power of Action vs. Title | How Much Leisure is Ideal? | Boeing Will Regret How They Handled the 737 Max Problem.

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If you read only one, pour yourself a cup of coffee and dig into the ESPN article about Rob Mendez. Rob’s a head football coach, born without arms or legs, who’s never held a football. What can he teach high school players about how to throw, tackle or block? A lot.

More great reads include How to Be Ridiculously Likeable | A Great Time Management Tip | Recessions Coming and We’re Not Ready.

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What Is Wealth Health


Whether or not you’ve heard the phrase, “Wealth Health,” you have been attracted to articles about it. These articles touch upon some aspect of daily decisions (Health) that affect your Wealth. While “Wealth” may be financial, it really applies to ALL of your personal resources – money, time and energy. Learn how millionaires manage their Wealth Health differently than others | Are Free Tools Free? | Americans expand their love for cars and debt.

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Progress By Delusion


We’re all human … which means none of us is perfect or rational. Every person suffers from delusions to some extent or another. Allowing for these human “flaws” (as a Wealth Coach, I prefer to call them “unique qualities”) is actually healthy. Celebrate the upside to NOT being rational. Add a pinch of delusion with these reads: How to Make Others Comfortable Around You | Great Choices From Delusion | Is the Stock Market Delusional?

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Delusion of Control


We all succumb, at least in part, to the delusion that we are in control, self-directed and independent. The delusion of control is especially prevalent in investment management but permeates all aspects of personal finance.

We look at ways you can be more productive in everything, the downgrade that Vanguard just gave the stock market and an introspective piece about the need to resist the manipulative power of the narrative.

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Money Attention Strategies


“Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away.” ~ Unknown

The same thing goes with your money. But if you’re going to pay attention (to anything), some methods or strategies work better than others. This week’s articles feature principles from Warren Buffet, Bill Gates as well as Elite Athletes. We also look at one thing you probably do that is robbing you of what’s most important in human existence.

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Attention to (Money) Detail


When it comes to your money, paying attention to the details is critical. Income goes up. Debt goes down. Money conversations are easier. But how to keep the experience positive and limited to a manageable number? These articles can help including Ray Dalio’s ultra-mini video series on Principles | Strategies for Raising Money-Happy Kids | The Money-Spending key to Being Happy and another view of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

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Ready to Respond


5 Articles to help you understand potential threats to your cash flow, investments and business including an interview with the CEO of BaseCamp | Heleo’s latest blog about “Invisible Rules” | A deep dive into “Modern Monetary Theory” and it’s threat to the world economy.

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