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A Stock Market Martian

Stock Market Martian landscape

When bad stuff happens in the investment world, be a Stock Market Martian.

Mark Watney is left for dead and abandoned on the surface of Mars. He figures out how to survive for years on a planet where nothing grows and and the atmosphere is toxic to humans. Needless to say, he is forced to improvise or, as he says, “science the heck” out of his problems.

While Watney’s story takes the context to much higher level, even on Earth life is full of stressful unknowns. There are two ways to deal with them: reaction or readiness. The Martian explores and contrasts both approaches in extreme conditions. Really bad stuff happens in space. While Watney does flirt with despair and other non-productive, fear-based reactions – he is human after all – he survives because he takes the readiness approach drilled into him through years of training.

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Health Care Costs Keep Rising

Health Care – You can’t afford it and you can’t afford to go without it. That sounds a bit like what we used to (jokingly) say about living with members of the opposite sex.

2015-12-28 Health care Costs

Obamacare ostensibly was supposed to fix skyrocketing health care costs. I knew that wasn’t going to be the case and the data has proven me out. While it used to be that the cost increases were absorbed by the employer, more and more of those costs increases are being passed off to the consumer.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all in the Wealth Health community.

Wealth Health is all about the daily decisions that affect your Quality of Life. While society teaches us to want more stuff, my wish is that you are blessed with richer relationships and memorable experiences during this special time of the year.

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Forecasts Are For Losers

Forecasts - ignore them to improve your Wealth Health

Forecasts are for losers – both those who express them and especially those who heed their advice.

It must be something in the holiday eggnog. Every year at this time, smart people feel the need to speculate on where the economy and the stock market will be a year from now. It’s silly to think that anyone can predict the future, but fully grown, well-educated professionals still fall victim to the urge every December and January.

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Productivity Isn’t the Key to Your Wealth Health

Jess Whittlestone is a grad student and independent writer. Through different techniques, tricks, and systems, she found ways to procrastinate less and get more done – the essence of productivity, but Jess points out (article in Quartz) that what we REALLY need to do is step back and rethink the whole process.

Getting more things done does not necessarily translate to “doing better.” Maybe we should focus attention on something else.

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Wealth Health BASICS


There are lots of moving parts to your personal finances, but taking control of your money isn’t complicated. All you need to focus on are these Wealth Health BASICS (an acronym for the six primary principles of good Wealth Health).

Embrace these and you can’t help but make great choices with your money and enjoy a better Quality of Life:

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