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Investment Air Pockets – Do You Have Any Dramamine?

I’ve always liked air travel, ever since I was a little kid and we’d fly across the country to see my grandparents. Not everything was perfect back then. Luggage would get misplaced (still does today, but now you get to pay extra for that experience) and then (as now) you could almost always count on running into air pockets on a pretty consistent basis. You’d be flying along smoothly with everything outside looking fine and then … thwop … your stomach would be up in your throat (or worse).

“Air pockets” are also common throughout stock market history but rarely in the past five years. As a result, today everybody believes in the tooth fairy – the stock market can’t lose money because the Fed will always come and save the day.

At least, that was the case … until the end of August.

This Is What an Air Pocket Feels Like

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Wealth Health Enemy #1 – The Big Loss

The Big Loss is the ultimate game changer in personal finance. As big and painful as the Big Loss is, it takes an even bigger gain to get back on track plus the pain of the draw-down experience spawns the worst of investment decision making.

Losing 20% or more of your life savings is painful. It takes years of hard work and discipline to save up that money and then poof, tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars evaporate into thin air. Ouch.

As much as that hurts, getting it back takes even more hard work and discipline.

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Wealth Health Radio – Vision Loss

Check out the Wealth Coach on the Radio!

This week I had the pleasure of sharing the airwaves with my best friend and wife of over 23 years. Allyson has always had to manage vision issues but the last few years have presented her with more challenges than usual. Out of this she (and I) wants to share that there ARE resources and you have support from others who have gone through similar issues.

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Money Myths

You’ve been going about this money thing all wrong.

Don’t worry, though. It’s not your fault. We’re all to blame. Me, too!

Society, the media (especially what I call “financial pornography”) and the financial services industry have worked together harmoniously, leveraging your brain’s natural wiring to “help” you (a) make a lot of really dumb choices with your money (probably more than you would make without them) which (b) makes them a lot of money.

Even the people who genuinely WANT to help YOU (the good guys – and I put myself in this group) end up doing you a disservice.

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Stock Market Volatility Returns

“It’s back!”

You can almost hear the eerie horror film soundtrack behind the commentary coming out of the financial pornography outlets. The tension in the air is palpable. The narrative is simple and scary:

Volatility has returned to the equities markets. Investors are worried. The DOW 30 went up the first eight months of the year. Since mid-September, it’s given it all back. Broader markets like the S&P 500 are red for the year and smaller caps and foreign stocks are in bear market territory (more than 10% down) … and the daily charts have looked darn right ugly at times.


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