There are lots of moving parts to your personal finances, but taking control of your money isn’t complicated. All you need to focus on are these Wealth Health BASICS (an acronym for the six primary principles of good Wealth Health).

Embrace these and you can’t help but make great choices with your money and enjoy a better Quality of Life:

Be (mindful)

This first part drives everything – “Be” in the moment with your money: present, mindful or conscious.

When you understand your current situation “As Is” – warts and all – you’re in the best place to make it better. After all, you can only fix what you realize is broken.

This is also probably the toughest for most people because it means being willing to see your present situation as it is, not as you wish or hope it could be. Fortunately, the next Wealth Health BASICS will make this one a LOT easier.


Be honest with yourself … but also be accepting. It’s helpful to remember the phrase, “It is what it is!” There is plenty you can do to make things better, but you’ll ignore your reality if creating that awareness feels bad.

Most of us are trained to be critical of things when they aren’t what they could be so this is the area where coaching is most effective in the early going.


Everything works out better when you have a plan. The strategic approach means you are paying attention to the opportunities and obstacles between where you are (the “Be” part) and where you want to be.

If the glass is at 50% of capacity and you want it to be at 55%, what steps do you have to take to make that happen? Answer that question and you’re being strategic.


Pay attention to your strategy and work on it with intention. Think about the strategy. Take action that is in alignment with your plan.

The plan is worthless if you go through life letting everything going on around you hit you in the face.


Whether we are talking about managing the cash flow slipping through your fingers or how you deal with your investments, consistency is critical to getting great results.

If you were in a workout program to get stronger, which would get better results: one workout of 500 pushups and then nothing for a month … or 15 pushups a day, every day for a month? Which do you think would be less painful?

The Wealth Health BASICS work because of the consistent application of simple, sound principles over a long period of time. The daily effort is miniscule – it’s easy to do – but the end result is vastly greater than the sum of those daily parts.


Humans are at their best and most effective when they are focused on one thing at a time. If you are working at one objective and are strategic, intentional and consistent about it, you have a very good chance (greater than 80%) that you will achieve your goal.

If you choose to have two goals at once, the chances of success with either of them is less than 40%. Try three objectives at once and that probability drops to around 10% for any of your dreams to come true.

Wealth Health BASICS

Use these BASICS – Be mindful, Accepting, Strategic, Intentional, Consistent and Singular in focus – and you can accomplish just about anything you want.

This is especially true when it comes to your personal finances and Wealth Health. I’ve worked with hundreds of people as a Wealth Coach and following these Wealth Health BASICS is always the difference between a great outcome (improving their Quality of Life) and an experience that didn’t work out very well for anyone involved.

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