The Tree of Wealth Video Explains the Evolution of Wealth Health

This is the Tree of Wealth. Everyone has one and everyone’s tree is different.

On this tree are fruits. The fruits on your Tree of Wealth are the hopeful fruits of your labor – what you want to see happen in your life. This starts with thinking about your Goals.

If you are like most people, the fruits on your tree – while very nice – could always be better. There could be more of them … they could be a different color or tastier.

The big question is, “How do you go about changing the fruits on your Tree of Wealth?” Almost everyone realizes in some way or other that what you see above the ground is a result of what is going on underneath the ground. We’ll examine the three most common approaches: products … planning … and wellness

With the Wealth Health approach (the wellness model), we started where Financial Planning left off and then looked at every aspect of the relationship between people, their money and those who give them financial advice (paid for or not), trying to find something that actually worked. That first step of traditional “Discovery” – the financial colonoscopy – had to go. Then we thought about the fruits on your tree because those fruits drive everything you do. They ARE more than just stuff.

Really, the fruits on your Tree of Wealth reflect your Quality of Life. They’re not just your Goals. They’re also your Mission and Vision for your life which are driven by your VALUES – the things in life that are most important to you. The Fruits on your Tree of Wealth represent not only WHAT you want to see happen, more importantly they are your WHY — the primary driver for behavior.

With that in mind, we could then go back below the surface and figure out WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE there TO IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE? The one thing that needs to change the most / the power lever for your Quality of Life is your DAILY DECISIONS. They are what dictate HOW and WHEN your fruits get to where you want them to be.

The reality is that in every case, for every person, you are where you are as a sum result of all the little, seemingly insignificant choices you’ve made up to this very moment.

Improve the CHOICES you make every day and you will improve your Quality of Life both today and in your future. So the REAL WORK needs to be done on these choices – the dozens of daily decisions you make every day, NOT how your portfolio is allocated or the other BIG financial decisions people may take to a financial professional. Those big decisions ARE still important (and you should definitely work with a qualified professional on them), but if you don’t have the DAILY CHOICES working right, the big stuff won’t work out right either and you’ll end up with fruits that are far different from what you want or expect.

The wellness approach (what we call “Wealth Health”) is all about Your Choices: how to make decisions and work with them in a way that feels good – without pain, sacrifice or self-discipline. How to be more in alignment with what’s most important to you on a daily basis and make financial decisions every day that give you all the fruits you’d ever want … in exactly the right mix … on your Tree of Wealth.

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