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This week’s reading explores choices and decisions, especially the concept of “not knowing what you don’t know.” The unknown-unknown is what makes life both scary & beautiful at the same time. How you manage your choices around the unknown-unknown also dictates the Quality of Life you get to enjoy in the future.

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The Problems with Passive Investments (part 1)

The historical data used to support Passive Investment Management vs Active covers a much longer period than most investors have.

The Art of Decision-Making

Your life choices aren’t just about what you want to do; they’re about who you want to be (New Yorker).

400 Free Ivy League Courses

From (Quartz), a collection of all 396 online courses, split by subject. All courses are free to access.

While accepting one’s human limitations – we all have unknown-unknowns – can be challenging, the greatest growth happens when you take a proactive stance. I hope you have a great week.

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