There are several potential threats to your Wealth Health. These articles help you better understand a few of these threats.

This gets into much of what I do for clients as a Wealth Coach – helping them understand their cash flow, investments, business (if they have one) and the big things that are going to influence their daily decisions.

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Venture Capital - Not Always the Answer

Jason Fried talks about his most recent book, “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work” and why he feels that VC funding often is a long term threat to business rather than an opportunity.

How to Not Let Invisible Rules Hold You Back

Hidden Rules are the silent killers that constrain our thinking and keep us inside an invisible fence. The first step is to acknowledge they exist.

MMT - Stop Worrying & Love the National Debt

You’re Going to hear a lot about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). This deep dive will help you understand it .. and the threats it poses.

The Global Economy Sputters

Bad economic news is spreading quickly. The global economy is one step short of a downturn. Time to pay attention.

Travel is Not How You Find Yourself

Travel exposes you to other cultures, people and ways of life. While that is good, it doesn’t help you understand who you are.

I’m increasingly concerned about where the world is going – divisiveness, populism and a lack of trust. This is a recipe we’ve seen before – in the mid-late 1930’s. Think about how that worked out (Depression, rise of Hitler and World War II). What matters most is how you respond to the stimuli that are most likely to come your way. Understanding the lay of the land is the first step in managing that response.

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