“Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away.” ~ Unknown. The same thing goes with your money. But if you’re going to pay attention (to anything), some methods or strategies work better than others. After all, spending ALL your time on your money will make you miserable, too. There has to be a balance.

For clients, we use tools and a process to keep the workload to a minimum, but these principles are useful even if you’re doing it on your own. Last week, we featured Ray Dalio’s Principles. This week, Warren Buffet is the focus.

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Wealth Health Quote of the Week

“Ignore Your Teeth and They’ll Go Away” ~ Unknown
The same thing goes with your money.

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The Most Powerful Way To Make Your Life Fantastic

Last year Cal Newport convinced 1600 people to completely change their lives … and it worked. Stopping this one thing allowed them to do more of what’s really important. (Barking Up The Wrong Tree)

Valuations, Forward Returns & Winning The Long-Game

Central bank programs like Quantitative Easing amplify the cycles they attempt to fix. This will influence what the market does in the near future. A deep analysis of work done by Warren Buffet, Robert Shiller and more. (Real Investment Advice)

How to Manage Your Time Better

To Get Better at Managing Your Time, Borrow a Training Strategy From Elite Athletes. You’ll get more done in less time AND feel better in the process. (The Cut)

The Power of Saying "No"

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett agree. The single most important factor to their success has been “Focus” – the power to prioritize and say “No” to busy work. (Medium)

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