My mother turns 92 next month. I recently asked her if she had regrets. Her answer was, “I always tried to live a life that I don’t regret.” Now you know where the Wealth Health “be intentional” focus came from. 90-somethings DO have regrets, however, and we can all learn from them. Read our first article for that and enjoy the rest of our finds this week.

What do you regret? Share if you like … or just think about it.

I’ll share mine: In 15 years of professional work, I’ve helped a couple hundred clients. That’s OK, but my goal was to help (hundreds of) thousands of people get control over their money. There is a lot of room for improvement there.

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What Will You Regret?

A pastor interviews 90-something members of his congregation and learns their biggest regrets. (Medium)

What Do You Say You Do?

How you answer that question tells a lot about you. A Harvard professor’s unusual take. Hint: It’s not in your title. (Medium)

The Ideal Amount of Free Time

Too little leisure, and people tend to get stressed. Too much, and people tend to feel idle. The perfect amount (on average) is … (Atlantic)

Boeing's 737 Max Crisis Error

What a business does when the going gets tough is what defines that business for years … if not forever. (Harvard Biz Review)

Wealth Health Quote of the Week

“Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes playing a poor hand well.” ~ Jack London

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Most of all, best wishes to you for a Rich and Fulfilling week.

Yours in Wealth Health,


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