You are here because of your interest in Wealth Health. Whether or not you’ve heard the phrase, you have been attracted to articles about it. These articles touch upon some aspect of daily decisions (Health) that affect your Wealth. While “Wealth” may be financial, it really applies to ALL of your personal resources – money, time and energy.

I’ve been talking about “Wealth Health” for more than a decade. I coined the phrase for my radio show back in 2008. It best described the topics we covered on the air back then but has remained applicable to my work with clients as a financial planner even today.

You make hundreds of Wealth Health choices every day. You are where you are today because of past decisions … and you can greatly influence your future by how you approach your Wealth Health today. I’m thinking at least one of these four articles could help.

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Stealth Wealth

What is it Stealth Wealth? It’s blending in with your surroundings. (Physician on FIRE)

Is Free ... Free?

Fintech firms like SoFi and Robinhood offer “free” stock trading. What’s the catch? (Quartz)

What Millionaires Do Different

A study of 600 millionaires found 5 major differences in how they spend their time and energy compared with the average American (Business Insider)

American Auto Debt Spikes

Why Americans are suddenly paying $550 per month for new cars. JDB Note: Overall debt will be an economic issue even if your debt is under control. (USA Today)

Wealth Health Quote of the Week

“People, the good people anyway, care more about who you are and how you behave than what you have.” ~ PhysicianOnFIRE

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If you’ve made it this far, Wealth Health is more than a passing interest to you. The very best thing you can do now is share the concept. Send a link to this page to your friends and family members so they can join in this community.

In future weeks, we’ll go through some of the basic components and simple metrics behind better Wealth Health. In the meantime, feel free to drop me a note and share anything you’ve learned in your journey to make the most out of your money, time and energy. 

Yours in Wealth Health,


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