This week we have a range of articles and none of them have anything to do with investments – the topic I am most asked about. They do address some messy aspects of life and how best to be ready for them.

“Ready for Anything” is the best way to deal with all the “stuff” that naturally happens (change, debt, robocalls). And yet, investors today – especially buy-and-hold – are being more predictive than they are responsive.

Which is a better investment policy to follow? One that tries to guess what’s going to happen next or one that is built from the ground up to respond to whatever is happening now? We’ll get into investments next time.

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Maslow Didn't Create Maslow's Pyramid

Although Maslow DID give us the hierarchy of needs theory, he did not envision his framework in pyramid form at all. (Quartz)

Who Created the Student Debt Problem?

Student Debt now has topped $1.5 trillion. What if the perceived solution (politics) was also the cause? (Medium)

How to Change the Way You Feel

Happiness does not start with a relationship, a degree, a job, or money. It starts with your thinking and what you tell yourself today. (Marc & Angel Hack Life)

How to Battle all Those Robocalls

Die Robocalls, Die! Six apps and services to help you stop spammers and fight back against all the bots, telemarketers and fraud. (Washington Post)

Wealth Health Quote of the Week

“Be Yourself! Everyone else is already taken” ~ Oscar Wilde

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We’re a third the way through the year. I suspect the next two thirds will be much different than the past four months. Remember the #WealthHealth hashtag when sharing. Send me your questions or Wealth Health articles that you’ve found.

Most of all, best wishes to you for a Rich and Fulfilling week.

Yours in Wealth Health,


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