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What Most Americans (and many Financial Advisors) Miss

The biggest financial disconnect we see is that most folks don’t align their daily financial decisions with their values and goals. They either frame those choices around something arbitrary like a budget or – more likely – just shoot from the hip with no real intentionality at all.

Daily Choices Not Big Decisions

Additionally, they think that getting one or two big decisions right this year can overcome the hundreds if not thousands of sub-optimal daily choices they’ll make. Personal finance just doesn’t work that way. If you’re not strategic and intentional about your daily choices with money, you’re not going to get the best results possible. Moreover, this financial disconnect tends to add to the stress most people already feel around finances.

Greater Financial Success

On the flip side, when your daily spending choices ARE aligned with your values, you feel good about those decisions. That REDUCES stress … and a less stressed you will make more optimal daily decisions which makes you feel even better. Being financially strategic and intentional – what having a real, collaborative financial plan is all about – just helps you feel good … about yourself, your business and your life.

Look. Life can be random. Your daily financial choices don’t have to be.

A Relationship with Money that Feels Good

Want to feel BETTER about your money – personally or in your business? Consider working collaboratively with a professional who actually knows how to align your daily financial choices with your own values and long-term goals.

It will change your life.

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