Financial Planning

The Wealth Health Way

Because Life’s About a Lot More Than The Size of Your Portfolio


Money is a tool!

Wealth (no matter how much) only means something when you use it wisely towards some end that is important to you.

The small choices make a big difference!

The quality of life you’re able to enjoy today is a direct result of the thousands of daily decisions you’ve made in the past – not just about how you spent your money, but how you used your time and energy, too.

The Wealth Health Approach Involves

Cash Flow

Millions of dollars will run through your fingers in your lifetime. A lot of that money is probably leaking out of your wallet to pay for stuff that doesn’t even matter to you. A Wealth Coach can help you get control of your Cash Flow.


Once you have money saved up, getting that wealth to grow IS important … but … Investing comes with risk. We have tools to help you understand that risk and we offer a reliable, rules-based way to manage potential losses.


Stuff happens. Protect yourself from losing a large chunk (or all) of your wealth before you get a chance to enjoy it. Understand the big (but often hidden) risks in life and work with someone who knows how to manage them.

Real Planning

You have a choice. You can let life hit you in the face … or you can take a more strategic approach: Understand and accept where you are now; be clear about where you want to be and let a Wealth Coach guide you on your journey.

Financial Planning

Should Be Simple, Fun and Affordable

Imagine a world where money is no longer a taboo – where you feel “on track” and confident with your money choices … and where working with a financial professional isn’t painful, complicated or expensive.

We’ve ALL made mistakes with our money. That’s because our human brains aren’t wired to make great financial decisions on our own and that’s OK!

A Wealth Coach can guide you to make better choices everyday … all in a way that is simple, easy to understand and best of all, only takes a couple of minutes every day to see huge improvements.

The Legal Stuff:

ALTUS Wealth Solutions is a Virtual Registered Investment Advisor firm, registered with the State of California and created in late 2007 (proof that market timing is not our specialty – then again, nobody can time the market). ALTUS Wealth Solutions is NOT affiliated with any broker or dealer. We provide financial planning and investment management services for a fee, are not paid to make any specific recommendations and do disclose any and all conflicts of interest with the advice that we give.

John Buerger is the founder, owner, Chief Investment Officer, financial planner … and currently everything else in a one-person Registered Investment Advisor firm. The advantage is you get to work with the person actually making the investment decisions, not a salesperson serving up ideas from someone else in New York who doesn’t even know you. John is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with a BA in Economics from Middlebury College and a Masters of Science in Financial Services (MSFS) from the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA.

John adheres to the fiduciary standard of care, makes every attempt to do whatever is in the clients’ best interest and put those interests ahead of his own.

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