The Wealth Health Way

“Life’s a Marathon, not a Sprint” ~ Phillip C. McGraw (Dr. Phil)

Your brain isn’t wired for investing money –

It craves instant results which leads to speculating and taking unnecessary risks.

The Wealth Health approach to investing adopts the habits and long-range thinking used by the best athletes. It also happens to be the same mindset the most successful investors in history have used:

Be Realistic

Understand and appreciate the reality of the race/game – it is what it is – for investing, the timetable is decades, not weeks, months or even quarters.

Be Informed

Keep a regular check on your progress compared to realistic expectations and your personal plan – not what other runners/investors are doing at the moment.

Be Prepared

Be prepared to adapt to changes that are part of the investing game. Take advantage of new investing opportunities as they present themselves.

Be Coached

A quality coach will pay dividends. Use their third-party perspective with years of education and investing experience to make better, more confident decisions.

… BUT …

Know Your Risks

and “Don’t Go Looking for Trouble” ~ Mom

There are long periods when the best strategy is just to buy and hold …

… but there are also times (like right now) when real danger exists, can be identified and should be avoided.

Your First Step

Be Clear About Your Expectations and Limits

Every investor wants to make a lot of money right away. I get that … but financial investments don’t always work out that way.

All investing comes with risk – there is always a chance you could lose money. Smaller losses can be managed through a longer Timetable but when those losses exceed your Loss Pain Threshold (LPT), they can trigger decisions to buy and sell at precisely the wrong times.

Our Risk Number Tool will help you identify your Loss Pain Threshold (LPT) – the amount of loss that regardless of what your neighbors are experiencing would cause you to lose sleep overnight.

It’s FREE! It takes less than 5 minutes, is completely secure and is the first step every investor should take before making any investment decisions.

Legal Stuff

ALTUS Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisor firm (registered with the State of California) created in late 2007. We are NOT affiliated with any broker or dealer. We provide financial planning and investment management services for a fee, do not sell products nor are we paid to make any specific recommendations. We adhere to the fiduciary standard of care and make every attempt to do whatever is in our clients’ best interest.

John Buerger is the founder, owner, Chief Investment Officer and financial planner. John is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with a BA in Economics from Middlebury College and a Masters of Science in Financial Services (MSFS) from the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA.

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