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Why Financial Advice Doesn’t Feel Good

Financial Advice that actually helps you starts with being more than just advice. Watch the video below to hear about the ALTUS solution and our focus on a Collaborative Financial Planning process.

A Common Challenge with Financial Planning Advice

Have you ever received financial advice that didn’t sit well with you? It just felt … OFF?

Receiving financial advice often doesn’t feel good when it is delivered by a professional advisor. In fact, in my early years as an advisor I was told to “just get over it.” Some people just don’t want your advice, but even well-meaning advice from friends and family can have that problem.

Here’s why …

All these people are dispensing ADVICE – they’re telling you what you should do. Now, I am fiercely independent so maybe I’m more sensitive to this than some, but being told what you SHOULD do tends not to sit very well … with just about anybody.

Personal Finance is Personal

Also, the rules of personal finance are universal. They apply to everyone. But HOW those rules apply to you may be very different from how they apply to me or that family member. That’s the real challenge with most business or personal finance advice. It tends to stuff you into the same standardized box as everyone else.

That’s just not going to feel very good to you.

Collaborative Financial Planning

There is a better approach – Collaborative Financial Planning.
Collaborative Financial Planning is about working one-to-one with a financial professional to create a customized plan that is built around YOU, your unique needs, goals and values. The planner brings the financial expertise. YOU bring the passion.

By working together, you’ll end up with a RoadMap you can use – a financial plan that aligns with your priorities, and adapts as your life changes. With that, you’ll know that you’re on track financially and that just plain feels good.

You don’t need one-size-fits-all advice. Get a financial plan that is designed specifically for you, around your goals and values – those things in life that are most important to YOU.

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