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Our Mission is to Empower You

My name is John Buerger. I started ALTUS Wealth Solutions 15 years ago with a mission: to do whatever it takes to empower clients to enjoy Financial Success.

Two Goals for You and the Ultimate Result

Whether it is Business or Personal Finance, we define Financial Success as being able to …

— Control what you can, financially, and be ready for everything else … AND …
— Be intentional and strategic with your personal and business finances every day … SO you can …
— Feel good about your money and what you’re doing with it!

We review every process, every interaction and every communication through the lens of doing this better every day.

Be In Control of Your Money (When You Can)

For example, do our interactions with clients encourage and enable them to take control of their money? That is why we use a coaching model rather than an advisor model. Ultimately, you need to be the one in control.

Even more importantly, how can we improve your ability to distinguish between those items you can control and those you can’t? And then, identify and mitigate the inherent risks of those unplannable events? That’s what “helping you be ready for everything else” is all about.

Be Intentional on a Daily Basis

Does our process encourage you to be intentional EVERY DAY with regards to your business and/or personal finances? or are we using language or techniques that inadvertently or unintentionally discourage your ability to embrace paying attention on a regular basis?

Yes, life can be random but your daily financial choices shouldn’t be. If you are not consistently engaged with your finances, you’re NOT going to get the best results.

Enjoy Your Relationship With Money

And if you don’t get those first two right (being intentional and in control on a daily basis while also being ready for everything else), you’ll be hard pressed to feel really good about your money.

We’re Working on This Constantly

Whatever it takes for YOU to ENJOY Financial Success – that’s our goal.

Like our approach to financial planning, this is not a one-and-done concept. We’re always working on it.

I’d say that having a great relationship with your personal finances is a distinguishing hallmark of working with ALTUS Wealth Solutions, because that’s what we focus on.

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